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Our Story

Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, 1952. This is where the Christopher Mobley story began. 

From Lawrenceburg, CD Mobley and Chris Mobley Sr. migrated to Fulton, Mississippi, then Tupelo, before finally ending up on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he opened up The Varsity Shop in 1971. The Varsity Shop sold the highest-end retail products that Tuscaloosa had to offer at the time. Seeing a strong demand from residents north of the river, Chris Mobley Sr. moved his store in 1985 to The Tuscaloosa Galleria and rebranded the store as Mobley & Sons. From that moment forward, Mobley & Sons went on to become the premier luxury-clothing store of West Alabama.
Fast-forward 34 years later. CD Mobleys grandson and Chris Mobley Srs son, Christopher, is now in the family business. With the advances in technology and the influence of performance fabrics, both father and son decided it is time to expand once again.
In August of 2019, the Mobley Family will be returning back to where it all started, University Boulevard, only this time, in a much different style. Mobley & Sons will be opening a new store designed for the modern-day entrepreneur, golf enthusiast, and athleisure fanatic.
In order to connect the two stores but promote different styles, the new store will be named Christopher Mobley. Identifying the new venture is a logo that features the letter M and the Roman numeral 3, which represents the three generations of the Mobley family that have been in the retail clothing business.
As times change, the launch of the new store proves that the Mobley family embraces change. By doing so, the Mobley brand will continue to be revered as the clothing leader in Tuscaloosa, Alabama... and beyond.